Hope Grows Neighborhood Center

Its been such a blessing to watch and be part of the children's growth. Seeing firsthand how they handle conflict-peer pressure-bullying is encouraging all by itself. When they start teaching others and encouraging others to make wise choices it melts my heart. In this community there are plenty of opportunities to flesh out the things we teach and learn. It is a war, for not only for their lives but their friends also. Just the other day a 12 y.o. informed me of nude pics on Social Media of a 13 y.o. that was being circulated among her pears. After reporting it to the authorities. I made a phone call to the HHO board to pray about it. The previous day, I was led to intervene when one girl was being dragged across the street, against her will, by another so she could beat her up. The day before this a 14 y.o. boy stood in the middle of the street, in front of Hope Grows, Challenging 3 brothers. That ended in police, handcuffs, and a crying Mom. Recently I visited a 12 and 14 y.o in the Psych Ward for attempted Suicide.  It is our responsibility as Followers of Jesus to make the most of these opportunities, teaching the children how to process through a Christian Lens managing our emotions and thinking things through. We are so proud of all the kids, they are in a mental, emotional and spiritual battle everyday. Just Surviving is hard enough. To rise above their circumstances it takes Jesus and His Body to demonstrate a different way of living, as Aliens in a strange land. Only by the power of Christ in us do we stand firm through the storms. When they are ready and receptive we help equip them with new skills that enable them to rise above their circumstances. Many of the older kids have grown tremendously, and are choosing to distance themselves from the Drama, Hate and Rumors, while proactively discovering healthier ways of being who God Created them to be. Several of these Kids have trusted Jesus as their Savior and have followed through with Baptism. These are our future leaders.  

We are passionate about showing who Jesus is in our neighborhood; especially to children. We love to tangibly express God’s love to all people through our outreach to children.

Most of our Services happen at Hope Grows Neighborhood Center at 904 Short 11th st. Lincoln, IL. First and foremost Hope Grows is a safe place. Many kids and families live in unsafe-unhealthy environments. Poverty, Abuse, Neglect, Addictions run rampant. The Children have no say and many live in survival mode most of the time.

Our Youth Ministry is for K to 12th grade. Our focus is Holistic, applying the empowering Life of Christ to all areas and stages of Kids Lives. Our vision is to raise up and empower the next generation to advance God's Kingdom, create goals, foster Hope and break strongholds so that our students can take their next steps to a life of significance with Christ by their side.

We are centered around relationships to foster a disciplining environment for our students to join us on their journey with Jesus. Our ministry approach is based on a caring community and individualized approaches (mentoring) to each kid where Godly relationships can develop - gathering's-outings for students to encounter God through worship, teaching and other events, such as mission trips and summer camp.

Listed below are the children's structured services at Hope Grows that have been birthed out of the unstructured time we spend out in the Neighborhood and where people live. In this way we progressively discover what is needed and wanted to make our neighborhood better and we prayerfully strive toward those changes. Following are some of our programs designed to meet those needs. 



Monday 3-5pm

HANG TIME (all year-age 5 and up)

-Food-Fun-Activities-Cooking Club

Tuesdays and Thursdays 3-5pm

POWERHOUSE (During School Year-age 5 and up) 

-Help with Homework

-Healthy Snacks

-Bible Lesson/Crafts

-Free/Fun Time

Wednesdays 5-6:30pm

LIMITLESS (Girls 5th Grade and up)

Growth group

-Dream and explore Career options

-Form deep Friendships

-Group-educational outings

Sundays 12:30-4pm

SUNDAY FUNDAY (Something for all ages!)

Hearty Meal


Fun Activites

Hope Grows Neighborhood Center

Adult Services

Monday's 1-2:30pm


Bible Study Discussing Jesus in the real world

A safe - non judgmental place to be real.

Tuesday';s 6 - 7pm


Bible Centered Devotional-Discussion-Prayer Group

No Topics Taboo-

Fridays 5-6pm


Sundays 12:30-4pm

SUNDAY-FUNDAY  (Something for all ages - Family Friendly!)

Hearty Meal -Fellowship

Fun Activities for kids

1 on 1 help by appointment