everyone can be a hero

Through our daily choices we can all be heroes. How we react and process life determines our next steps. We teach, model and demonstrate that a life lived for God through the power of Jesus Christ changes everything! Bad stuff still happens to us and all around us, but we have the power to stand strong on the foundation of Christ. We don't just worship Christ on Sunday, He's living and active in all of our affairs. Does that mean we are perfect? Far from it! What it means is that we are a learning community that is trying to unlearn many things we were taught and learn how to follow Christ genuinely-humbly in this fallen world. Our neighborhood is inundated with Poverty-Violence-Abuse & Addictions. We fit right in because many of us have found victory over our life controlling problems. All of us are in process of becoming better humans. All of us sin, all of us struggle. How many of us are chasing things that leave us empty? How many of us are looking for something more than mainstream religion has provided?  We don't pretend to be able to have all the answers, but we know Jesus shines light on the darkness when we rely on Him and stand

on His Word, living as He did, unafraid of the world, connected to our Father. Jesus is the perfect picture of Love and . . .

Love is the answer to selfishness and sin! When we decide to Love and ask Jesus to help us Love like him we show the world what a real hero looks like. So its simple, but extremely Hard. We stick and we stay, when we struggle and are tempted to quit. We do the next right thing, even after making some pretty huge mistakes. We set and re set boundaries, we keep moving forward under the power of the Holy Spirit.