There are several reasons we do so many outings with the kids and families. #1 We encourage the kids (and adults) to dream of a better future. Many of them rarely have the chance to leave Lincoln and explore and dream.  #2 It is during these times when we often get to connect and build relationships which in time facilitates Discipleship. #3 Moms-Dads-Grandmas etc. often come along giving us a chance to get to know them. #4 We occasionally go to big Christian Events to show that we can have fun while worshiping with other Christians!  #5 Its fun! Lincoln just doesn't have that many fun things to do.

Most of what we do is free or very affordable, the more expensive outings are almost always funded through Thrivent Funds and special gifts, so we don't have to dip into our meager financial resources. We do our utmost to be responsible Stewards of what God has entrusted us with.

  • Bowling/cosmic

    Cosmic Bowling is always a hit. There is a Free Family Bowling Day once a year also! 

  • Christian Concerts

    For the Older Kids we take them to Christian Concerts occasionally. We also reward our honor students to a special early entry VIP Admission to Winterjam in Peoria. 

  • Christmas Parade

    We participate in the annual Parade every year. The kids love preparing their costumes-walking and throwing candy as we celebrate the Birth Of Christ.

  • Creekside Nature Preserve

    Lincoln Colleges Creek side Nature Preserve is a little know Gem we take full advantage of. It has a Butterfly House, a Super large fire pit for weeny roasts/smores, an authentic era furnished Log Cabin and the best part of all, Sugar Creek with all its Clams, Fishing holes and the site where a prehistoric Behemoth Tusk and Tooth was discovered.

    Best part of all its only 3 miles from Hope Grows and its free!

  • Kickapoo Creek Park

    Picnic and swimming hole fun as we make our own mudslides go hiking and exploring. 

  • pool parties

    In The summer we often use the pool at the Rec and in the Winter we rent out local motel pools. Made possible through Thrivent Action Team Funds. 

  • Pumpkin Patch

    Every fall we take the kids to the Pumpkin Patch for Hayrides, games and fun on family-free day!

  • School Plays/Concerts/Sporting events

    We like to attend the kids school activities whenever possible. This is a good time to connect with Parents also. Recently at a Volleyball game one of our Volunteers sat with one kids Grandparents, visited with 2 moms and one other family while cheering on the kids!

  • Skate Parties

    Once a year we rent Skateland, made possible with Thrivent Action Team Funds, for family fun time. Each year more and more families come and participate. 

  • Zoo trips / ZOOLIE GHOULIE

    Every Year there are free days at area Zoos. We load up the bus take a picnic lunch and enjoy the day!

    We also get dressed up for Halloween events in which the kids get to trick or treat while visiting the zoo. 

  • Beach Trips

    Every summer we make a trip to Indiana Dunes Beach made possible through a Thrivent Grant.

    We also make sporadic trips to Clinton Lake Beach, which is just 30 minutes away. Picnic, swim and play all day!